Da�� A?n can ho Citizen Trung Son ta�?a la??c ta??i khu Trung S??n. C?? sa�Y ha?? ta?�ng hoA�n cha��nh

CA?n ha�� cao ca??p Aqua Luxury qua?�n 4 ta�?a la??c ta??i va�� trA� A�a??c A�a��a ma?�t tia�?n A�?�a�?ng TA?n Ta??t Thuya??t, 3 ma?�t View sA?ng vA� thA�nh pha�� Can ho Aqua Luxury A??�a�?c phA?n pha��i chA�nh tha��c ba�Yi Vietcomreal. BA�i phA?n tA�ch sau giA?p quy khA?ch hA�ng cA? thA?m nha?�n A�a��nh mua cA?n ha��

Can ho MillenniumBa??n VA?n A?a��n Qua?�n 2, A�a??ng ca??p sang tra�?ng ba?�c nha??t.

Can ho Citi Soho ta�?a la??c ta??i trung tA?m qua?�n 2, khu A�A? tha�� hA�nh chA�nh ma��i

Palm Heights, cha�� A�a?�u t?� Keppel Land ra ma??t tha�� tr?�a�?ng vA�o thags 8.

Ra ma??tA�A�du an Saigon Peninsula qua?�n 7 , siA?u sa�� A?n ma��i nha??t, ha??p da?�n A�a?�u t?�.

Novaland ma�Y bA?n ma��i Water BayA�?�a�?ng Mai ChA� Tha�? qua?�n 2

Ma�Y bA?n A�a�?t cua��i cA?n ha�� dream home palacequa?�n 8 giA? ta��

Da�� A?n cA?n ha�� heaven riverviewgiA? ra?� nha??t qua?�n 8

Da�� A?n Masteri An PhA?ha??p da?�n A�a?�u t?� nha??t qua?�n 2

Da�� A?n Asa Light/a>giA? 810 tria��u ta�?a la??c ta??i qua?�n 8

Ma�Y bA?nbia��t tha�� lavilanhA� bA? ha??p da?�n giA?

CA?n ha�� Viva RiversideA�?�a�?ng VA� VA?n Kia��t giA? ha??p da?�n

Da�� A?n cA?n ha�� D-Velaqua?�n 7 giA? 1,4 ta��/cA?n, bA�n giao na��i tha??t hoA�n thia��n

Da�� A?n cA?n ha�� lancaster lincolnv?�a�?t xa kia??n trA?c tha�?i A�a??i

Ma�Y bA?n cA?n ha�� Saigon West Garden dA�nh cho gia��i tra?� ma��i

Ma�Y bA?n da�� A?n A�a??t na�?n Nh??n A?a��cNhA� BA? ca��a Va??n PhA?t H?�ng

Ra ma??t cA?n ha�� Cosmo CitycA? tha�? a�Y lia�?n, giao nhA� hoA�n thia��n c?? ba??n

Ma�Y bA?nCA?n ha�� Empire Citytrung tA?m qua?�n 2, A�A? tha�� hA�nh chA�nh

Da�� A?nCA?n ha�� Feliz En VistaTrung tA?m hA�nh chA�nh tra�?ng A�ia�?m ca��a khu dA?n c?� qua?�n 2

Da�� A?nBia��t tha�� Vinhomes La Seinecha��n bA�nh yA?n quay va�? a�Y SA�i GA?n

Ra ma??tCA?n ha�� Lux Gardenqua?�n 7 ca��a ta?�p A�oA�n A?a??t Xanh.

Ba??t A�a��ng sa??n A�a??i chA?ngVincityha??p da?�n khA?ch hA�ng cA? thu nha?�p tha??p

TA�i Nguya��n ma�Y bA?nCA?n ha�� Kenton NodeNguya��n Ha�?u Tha�? chA�nh tha��c A�a?�u nA?m 2017.

Ma�Y bA?n cA?n ha�� Hua�?nh Ta??n PhA?tSaigon Plaza Towerma?�t tia�?n A�?�a�?ng Hua�?nh Ta??n PhA?t, giA? cha�� 1,16 ta��/cA?n 2 phA?ng nga��

Ra ma??t siA?u da�� A?ncA?n ha�� Evergreenkhu Nam SA�i GA?n.

Starlight ma�Y bA?n da�� A?nCoastar Estatekhu bia��t tha�� ngha�� d?�a�?ng cao ca??p.

A?a??t Xanh ma�Y bA?n da�� A?nSaigon Gateway qua?�n 9.

T&T Group da�� A?ncA?n ha�� Tara Residencequa?�n 8.

Ma�Y bA?n da�� A?nLa Albaqua?�n 9 giA? ca��c ha??p da?�n.

Ma�Y bA?n da�� A?nFLC Lux CityQuy Nh??n BA�nh A?inh.

Ra ma??t da�� A?ncA?n ha�� jamilakhang A�ia�?n qua?�n 9 giA? cha�� 22 tria��u/m2.

Ma�Y bA?n da�� A?n cA?n ha��Samland RiversideBA�nh Tha??nh.

An Gia ra ma??t cA?n ha�� ngha�� d?�a�?ngGarden Bayqua?�n 7.

Dream House ma�Y bA?ncA?n ha�� aurora riversidequa?�n 8.

Capital ma�Y bA?n cA?n ha��d edge qua?�n 2Tha??o A?ia�?n.

HA?a BA�nh ma�Y bA?n da�� A?ncA?n ha�� Ascent Lakesidequa?�n 7.

Sa??p ra ma??t du an River Panorama qua?�n 7.

FLC Group ma�Y bA?n the coastal hillqua?�n 7.

ChA?y hA�ng va��i biet thu bien quy nhonca��a FLC.

Qua?�n 7 sa??p cA? can ho lavida plusca��a Qua��c C?�a�?ng Gia Lai.

Ma�Y bA?n condotel flc coastal hillQuy Nh??n.

FLC ra ma??t Q2 tha??o A�ia�?nqua?�n 2 ma�Y bA?n

LDG ma�Y bA?n cA?n ho Saigon IntelaBA�nh ChA?nh

Ma�Y bA?n cA?n ha�� One VerandahQua?�n 2

Ra ma??tcA?n ho Hausneo qua?�n 9

Ra ma??tLancaster Eden qua?�n 2

H?�ng PhA?tgreen star qua?�n 7 ma�Y bA?n thA?ng 11/2017

Da�� A?nFLC Quy Nh??n ma�Y bA?n khu khA?ch sa??n The Coastal Hill

qua?�n 7 ma�Y bA?n thA?ng 11/2017

Da�� A?ntopaz elite ma�Y bA?n ma��

Da�� A?nda�� A?n grand nest kha??i vy qua?�n 7

A?a??t Xanh Mia�?n Nam ma�Y bA?ncan ho saigon riverside qua?�n Tha�� A?a��c

Ra ma??t da�� A?nnhA� pha�� lovera park BA�nh ChA?nh

TMS Grouptms quy nhon BA�nh A?a��nh

Ra ma??thau giang pearl Qua?�n 2

Ra ma??tsunshine avenue Qua?�n 8

Ra ma??tdream home riverside Qua?�n 8

Dream House ra ma??tcan ho aurora residencesqua?�n 8.

Cha�� A�a?�u t?� Tha??o A?ia�?n ra ma??tmasteri an phA?qua?�n 2.

Ra ma??tcan ho saigon skyview Qua?�n 8

Ra ma??tbia��t tha�� FLC Eco Charm A?A� Na?�ng

Ra ma??t cA?n ha�� west intela qua?�n 8

Ra ma??t cA?n ha�� gem riverside A�a??t xanh qua?�n 2

Ma�Y bA?n can ho eco green sai gon qua?�n 7

H?�ng La��c PhA?t ma�Y bA?n can ho green star qua?�n 7

Ra ma??tcan ho South Gate Tower Quan 7

Ra ma??t cA?n ha�� Summer Residences qua?�n 4

Capitaland ma�Y bA?n can ho Dela Sol qua?�n 4

Capitaland ma�Y bA?n dela sol qua?�n 4

Capitaland ma�Y bA?n lancaster legacy qua?�n 1

FLC ra ma??t da�� A?n flc qua??ng ngA?i BA�nh ChA?u , LA? S??n

Chua?�n ba�� ra ma??t Ha do Green Lane qua?�n 8


I am a New York based developer specialized in branding and web design.
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